Tuesday, April 15, 2008

boys on the streets

while running the streets searching for the next boy to be featured in my fantasmic fashion story i ran into a few peeps, yes i found some hot young lasses, no they aren't pictured here. yeah val, curt and randy!!! the day continued with amazing sights, i was able to watch eddie get all hands on and official at union while jean marc showed off his stee. jamal walked me through the new space he's working on, most luxurious collaborations to come. then on my way down fairfax i ran in to josh, he too went to center school (we reign supreme). he's now in LA hustling his ass off. cooking, comedy sites, and a family. i was completely shocked and happy to see a bit of the upper west side doing big things here in LA. He's working on something fresh which i'll post about in a few weeks.