Monday, April 28, 2008

dead that pork

come out and dance this wednesday. everyone has something to celebrate.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

lazy afternoon

started off with a good brunch to say adios to craig from uk gimme5/bape and hello to cool calm. since i'm nursing a broken back, a kids pool, water ballons, pain killers and beer are the perfect medicine. ishy and i had a face off. i think he won.

comme a la maison

jean marc and crew threw a lil jam. jean took time off from backing mos and spun some fresh beats. dudes rocked blazers, me: heart tights.

bike gang

met up with sung for some lunch and shoe talk-clae ofcourse! fun and on point gems to come from us in the future. we biked through the streetwear mall, which is always a cougar jamrock for me. i mean fun, yes, its always fun! i escaped with the same stickers i rode in with.

have you seen it

crushing majorly on fops and dandies. things i love; when you take it there, when you dress up everyday because it makes you happy, you desire it so you search till you find then share, and all done with major cuteness. these qualities are found on this isn't a circle jerk big up. i don't know the f+p crew. just think its something good for inspiration.

Friday, April 25, 2008


love it! check more at

Thursday, April 24, 2008


been a fan since my steven alan days. when i found out she penned res album. all i know is santi shook the stage for claws party. her backup singers have been choreographed in the best way. outfits and moves on point. kinda bummed i'm not one of them. nice to see rox and jean in town from ny.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yeah for team korea!!

ok, when she showed up late when she was assisting anna, i thought she was a tard, when she was one of the finalist for the parsons senior fashion whatevs, i thought she was aaaight, when i saw her sewing her dress for nams wedding on the plane en route to said wedding, i thought she was kinda fresh. now with her latest SIDE jam, i can officially say trippple p, miss patty, you kinda rule. womens to come soon?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


being the nerd's nerd i wanted to sit and watch claw paint a bit. i kept interrupting with how do you, how can you, and what happens if. . .

just coz

its almost his bday and he's all about letters, spiderman, photography-with his dads camera, cheese and salami.

Monday, April 21, 2008

john webster johns jams at el cid

i didn't know what to expect at el cid, but the guys killed it. i think you may have a new groupie on your hands sir platt. the magic man shocked us with his hello kitty cards and illusionist like tricks. i wanted to bust him, but he kept getting me with that choose a card trick. his sequined shirt was made by little fairies and elves on e, so how can you be mean to magic man.


while cruising abbot kinney with j, we stopped into the man's man store Stronghold. william who works for the denim line which dates back to 1895 schooled us on worker man jeans, rivets and secret pockets. he also showed us a pair which date back to the early 1900's, most likely used as a rag in the mines.did you know that most used/vintage denim is found in floor boards of barns and homes? best insulation ever! if you're on the west side stop in and take a look around. they've got some good things in there. you can get custom jeans. booty shorts, or floods. choose your own adventure.

been watching

random roids