Friday, September 28, 2007

come ups..

there are things i will always ride for and one of them is things that have been worn by an older stylish woman, or man. thus my love of the thrift. for the past few weeks i've been diggin for real. koyuki made a super quick visit and we exchanged things. we also celebrated our new glasses. i have a feeling someone psychotic used to wear mine and someone a bit psychotic made hers. strictly amaze.while at the assael's i sorted through a really weird and random pile of gear that had been donated to them. i think the woman who owned the gear was a valley socialite with really random taste..
i came out on top.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


when i was young, i loved everything about taking a trip. the pre-destination jitters, packing, song selections, and finally flying. now, not so much. especially when its for two months and i don't quite understand the weather forecast. i wish i could pack like kimora. where someone would come in and poloroid all of my outifts. better yet i wish i had kimora's funds and could take one small bag and buy buy buy. so i've taken a break to look through my favorite inspiration books. since they will not be joining me.

my latest purchase. the new york school photographs 1936-1963. its got nyc street images, from a few photographers who are well known for styles other than what is shown in the book. each photographer was allowed to print 12 images on one of four kinds of paper. i feel lucky to own it.


william klein:

i normally look through all of my william eggelston's, but tonight i chose 2 1/4. which was a special present from japan.i heart him.

don't know if this is mine or wilkins', but i will steal if we divorce, juergen teller's do you know what i mean. anna may put me on to juergen back in the day. i love everything about him, but am seriously jealous of him. isn't that the way.

random, yet amaze is clement cooper's presence. i got this for gibbs while seeing the black style show at the v+a in london. there was something in the church images i thought he'd appreciate. i figured since it was 10 pounds i needed one as well. the book is comprised of people from manchester and the role the pub and church played in their lives.

next up is bruce davidson's subway. can't remember where i got this one. but it was awhile ago. i've always been into bruce because he took it there. to follow a subject for years and get close enough to document without your subject being aware, is such a rare talent.

and my guilty pleasure is ben watts' big up! i don't know if its because a few friends are in it, or if it just symoblizes a time when i had no hate for photography. when i simply idolized it and everyone who was a part of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i may have to dress up as kc or jojo for holloween. love them see thru jumpsuits.

haute tension

i know i scare easily. jack in the box still gets to me! with the creepy titillating music and smirky little animal that pops up all deranged. so you know i'm not into scary movies at all, but this one had some things i could relate to. short haired, crazed eye lesbionics. i mean, with a tag line that reads: "hearts will bleed," how can you pass that up? i'm sure it's on demand..or net flics it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy birthday lil bro

you are the best..stay out of trubs.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

peres projects presents. . .

seeing people from nyc out for dash's opening was refreshing. taking drugs by accident not so refreshing. i also learned a few interesting facts. for instance, 40 hustlers came on the large print in the main room the night before, paul mittleman went to hs in miami, and i can fit mad art books in my white purse. go figure!

new things

met chris for some breakfast and got to hand deliver soloman's new watch. wilkins knew he'd love it, he can shine the likeness of spiderman anywhere he wants, most likely in his little brothers face. he also showed off his new "big boy" sweatshirt.

love them.

Friday, September 21, 2007

the largest photograph in all the land.

rolled to the art center college of design in pasadena today to view The Great Picture. it is the world's largest photograph hanging at 3 stories high x 11 stories wide. it was created by turning an abandoned f-18 hanger in the real o.c., into the largest pinhole camera. the exposure was 35 minutes long!! check the results below.there was also a photographer's timeline installation. my name was on it...okay, maybe it wasn't, but neither was egglestonsthe show is up for one more week. go go go!!! then head to 21 choices. its the bomb frozen yogurt..fuck a pinkberry!

you can dance, for inspiration

Thursday, September 20, 2007

get your swerve on.

kinda bummed i will miss a few days of the Swerve Festival since i will be on a aeroplane. but check it..looks like there will be tons to see and do. like seeing the unfinished beautiful losers movie by sir aaron rose, and art by some cool kids such as misha hollenbach (p.a.m fame), terry richardson, todd james, your mama. . .

come go with me

i love the rich when they get richer while pretending to be poor. makes me love my act of pretending to be rich while being devastatingly poor. this should be fun. chinatown in LA rockith!

art schmart

its fall in la. which means there is reason to celebrate.
-you have the right to wear boots-not the fugly ugg-ly ones
-scarves and jackets are back.
-house parties are bearable and jumping.
-art openings are in full effect.

checked this and loved what i saw, i guess so did everyone else who has big pockets because the show was sold out. i got to see the olsen twins up close and personal-kinda scary. i think they thought they knew me, they sauntered, stared and growled. i believe the show is up for a bit. i'd check it if i were you. there is a def mood switch between the lower and top levels of the gallery.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

yeah ya!

joanna decided it was in la's best interest if she made a magazine dedicated to, well, LA. i was lucky enough to be a part of it. alongside photographers justin hollar, lydia burkhalter, and hilary walsh.check it while at coterie, shopping at fancy shops and so on.

center school alums rock

i met ethan, now known as babydayliner, in '87. he was made of all the good shit. sweet cheek bones, sincere laughter and good style. he had the urban skater boy thing going for him. think massive starter jackets, skinny jeans and vans. a few years ago a friend took me to see him in concert. i flipped out. i've been trying to convert anyone who'll listen to being a babydayliner fan. he is quite amaze.check him inner smart sensitive gene will thank you.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

fred savage does good

i may be late on this, seeing how seasons 1+2 are out on dvd-which i'll most likely cop. go watch and laugh.

west to east

rolled around the west side today with josh. got educated on mics, wind stoppers, hd drives, and hamburgers. good times until we were chastised like we were ten at the plastics store for making the door bell repeatedly ring.then met kb for shit talk and chocolate cake. shit talk turned to work talk that got me hyped. they say when i'm hyped, good shit comith!

the del

del taco rules..well, i'm allergic to something in the sauce, but others love it. especially at 1am.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


this is how i'm feeling right now!

the wrap up

loves: marc by marc, trovata, sue stemp, vena cava, philip lim,vpl, zac posen, alexandre herchovitch, b cho
surprised i was kinda feeling: rachael roy, chris benz, heatherette.

i actually care more about the personal style that was captured in and around the shows. i am a true fan of the extreme and so cute you could puke looks. here are some from the satorialist.