Friday, August 31, 2007

the good stuff

big things poppin off at fruition, please check the kids while in vegas. i approve with a certified running man and a wop.

cha chizzle

Thursday, August 30, 2007

i heart rogue state-us

brent design pretty

streetwear fashion week.

blaring hip hop, ladies rocking panties in public, magazine giveaways, all-over prints all over everyone, and a few familiar faces. i did watch team usa beat team mexico while boring me to death all at the same time.

you know you want my fagotty attention

thanks brandy!!!

girls who like boys who are girls that like boys

rick rodney and klotz pulled together some art for all the land to see..hookers on van buren by lokey was fun. cute people were there too..
klotz is a dirty sailor
there's a peepee under there. he showed me!
chef cuteness
cuban hotness
haircut mania
rick is awesome

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i'm saying though. . .

i don't believe that those brangelina kids are cute. no, not even maddox. i'm kinda mad. with all the money they have, why can't they hire a black hair specialist to help them with their black haired child. afro puffs aren't a everyday jam, its a once in a while jam. like sundays or special diners with friends. learn to braid, bitches!

Friday, August 24, 2007


i remember riding downtown to some party in '01 with ting. his two-way started going crazy. it seemed everyone had heard the news about aaliyah. sucks this was her last video. ever since the video premiered i've been stealing the choreography. catch me on any dance floor..i will be doing that little wind all week...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the york rhymes with dork

jo wanted us to check her fave bar in highland park, which felt a bit like queens or the bronx. i didn't get to spend any time with my friends because i was on the toilet the entire time. don't think its still mao's, but possibly something i cooked and put into my precious body. i intend to go back with ju la ree during the day to see if we can get our eat on. we think the pizza spot on the corner might be a gem..
ike said he hates cats
erin loves 'staches
ju la ree loves affectation
i poo for a living.

i wonder if i take you home?

if you are in nyc and want to see cute people dance to freestyle, check out this party. i've gone and its worth it. you might meet your next baby daddy or winter time squeeze up in there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

bat crazy

i sent this video round and round a while back when i spotted it on yasi's myspace page...i heart bat for lashes and put her songs on mixtapes.
you should too!

hot hot heat

tom ford rocks me. i saw him once in barney's and got close enough to smell him. yes, he did smell like sex. i would never replace my gay bff with him, but i would put him in my speed dial..i wonder when he's going to ask me to shoot his next campaign? maybe when i grow a dick.

Monday, August 20, 2007


hit my fave beach, which has changed since the last earthquake. where there once was sand is now massive rocks.

you know i heart the chinese!

dinner last night was on point. although i am writing this post from the toilet, i don't believe mao's kitchen is to blame. in ny you can get any kind of chinese food, black people chinese food, kosher chinese food, japanese chinese food. i've even had indian chinese food. here in la, chinese food as i know it, doesn't exist. mao's kitchen did my tummy a great service. its byob-awesome and they no use msg-holler!!

i'm not a jew, but. . .

super bad was amaze. i was scared it wasn't going to be funny, but apatow and his crew put together a funny story. many quotables and pizza bagels..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

total amaze..

i had an amazing, crazy, mean, classist and sexist professor at parsons who put me on to nick knight and many others. i heart this video.

summer of asians!

a few of my favorite asians are or have celebrated their bdays this summer. you guys rockith the mostith!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i too was the victim of racism at the pool. . .

just watched pride, the movie about black swimmers from, see the picture below.
my fellow ny'ers, 2 dominicans, 1 asian, and i learned a lot on what the rest of amerikkka thought about. . .well, you know, things like what if interracial couples have a baby or if black people are able to tan. we swam 2x a day in an outdoor pool, in florida, clearly from this photo you can see black people can tan, burn even. i was kind of scared to leave ny after that. very scared.

why am i not in this commercial?

old school

i took it back. i WALKED to leah's house last night and she did my took me back to about 1993..she was also feeling the need to take it back, she made popcorn in a pot. um, haven't seen that since the 80's. we realized we are popcorn twins..we can only eat them with mm's.

so when it came time to leave...i got shook beacuse it was dark, darker than dark and i had to walk my ass up the sketchy stairs that separate our houses. i am a puss and scared of nature, bugs and serial rapists..i heard the chchchhahaha sound effect and the yelp of neighboring coyotes. i ran home with images of jason, freddy and a pack of coyotes chasing me. i need to lay off the gimlets.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

this is wine country. . .

a good friend invited me up to templeton. which was amaze. the drive was beautiful and only one horrific accident was seen, which is good for the state of california. unfortunately i had to cut the trip short due to a seriously retarded situation.

i'm going back for the good times, bbq, sweet corn, wine tasting, vintage shopping, animal spottings, amazing drinks, and talking with a britney spears accent.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

negroe, please

when i think of this one friend of mine, i actually can use the term style maven or trendsetter.
you can understand how horrifically surprised and disgusted i was when i saw adult crocs on the floor. mind you, i knew they were his straight away, they had all insignia of a gibbs shoe, they were natural colored and they had been laced with a special pair of yellow laces. i immediately slid my feet into the crocs and paraded around his house stomping on all things pretty and instantly making them ugly with the crocs. i felt their comfort, but threw up a little in my mouth due to their ugliness. i beg you cmg, please don't wear those, or actually next time you're invited to a industry only dinner, i beg you to wear them..we'll see what clowns will start rolling through labrea or downtown brooklyn with adult crocs and fancy laces.